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Offering Cooking Class Parties At Your House

Fun for all ages, whether a Kids Birthday Party,  Girls Get Together,  Bridal Shower , Holiday Baking, or just wanting to learn something new about cooking. You pick your Topic (see below) , arrange a date and invite your friends to join you. You can host and pay for the event yourself, or split the cost between your group.  Fondue to You! will do all the grocery shopping, arriving about 1 hr before the scheduled time to set up, conduct the class, allow time to taste the finished product and clean up your kitchen.   All specialty equipment if needed will be provided by Fondue to You!  The Minimum price for this service is $150.00 plus cost of food. Please call Martha to discuss your options, this is a personal service tailored to whatever you’d like to cook or know more about.

Suggested Topics:

Party Appetizer and  Hors d’oeuvre’s

Soups,   can be a meal in its self.

Meat, Poultry and Game (Venison, Elk), Pâté  Marinades, Roasting, Braising, Stewing, Slow Cooker,

Garnishes, presentations, ice bowls, dessert baskets,

Dressings: Vinaigrette, Mayonnaise, Ceaser, No oil dressings

Vegetables, intro to  Veg you are unfamiliar with, new ideas with veges, Tasty Veg…really its Yummy! Vegetarian Ideas.

Dessert :  Meringues, Pastry,  Mousse,  Whisked Sponges (Roulades), French Patisserie,  Strudels, Fruit Cakes, Holiday Baking,

Bread Making

Sprouting Grains and Milling Flour,Sunflower Sprouts for winter greens.

Dehydrating Food, Fruit Roll-Ups, Back Packing food.

Raw food Diet

Gluten Free and Delicious

Trail Bars and Energy Foods

Paleo Diets

Fast AND healthy dinners for busy lives , organic, diet restricted and nutritious.

Change the way you eat and relate to food, help and consulting with trying to change your diet, How to shop, cook , Prepare and organize your week to stay on top  of eating well.

Healthy Starts:  Breakfast ideas.  Granola,  Amaranth,  Egg and Veg combo’s to make ahead, grain free waffles.

Nuts,  Preparation for nutrition and storing, Nut butters , Nut flours

CSA (community supported agriculture) shares, locally raised meats from the farm,  how to get involved with your local food, what to do with this unfamiliar  food from my CSA share! US food  labeling and what it really means, what labels YOU want to look for, understanding the ingredients.

The options are endless,this is by no means a complete list.


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